How to roll a Joint

Joint Rolling information: Make sure the herb has an even consistency and doesn't contain sticks, seeds or other lumpy objects. Use your fingers to gently break up your mix. You can also use a herbal grinder to gently break it up.

Most papers come already folded in half. It yours is not, do so. Then take small pinches of herb and start to fill the paper directly in the middle. This part is important; you want to make sure the herb is evenly distributed throughout the middle. If you want the joint to have a cone shape, add a little more at one end, and gradually add less to the other.

Pick up the joint with both hands, with your thumbs in front of you. Use your other fingers for support, and use your thumbs to gently roll and pack the tobacco into the paper. You will be rolling the joint toward you and will feel the herb become tighter.

When the herb has the firmness to your liking, take the tips of your thumbs and push one end of the paper around the herb. Use your other fingers to push the other end of the paper toward you, enclosing the herb. Before you lay the flap down, use your tongue and lick the entire length of the paper then lay flat. Use your fingers to gently squeeze the entire joint to ensure it is sealed.

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